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Bayle, Jean-Pierre

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Bayle, J.-P.;   Bayle, J.P.;   Bayle, Jean Pierre


Allouchi, Hassan;   Badis, Mounia;   Berdague, Philippe;   Boudah, Souleirmane;   Bräuniger, Thomas;   Canlet, Cecile;   Cotrait, Michel;   Courtieu, Jacques;   Fujimori, Hiroki;   Fung, B.M.;   Fung, Bing M.;   Guermouche, M. Hassan;   Guermouche, Moulay-Hassane;   Ho, Mei-Sing;   Judeinstein, Patrick;   Khan, Maasod A.;   Khan, Masood A.;   Koh, H.;   Kumai, S.;   Leblanc, Karine;   Miyajima, Seiichi;   Perez, Felix;   Rayssac, Vincent;   Rogalska, Ewa;   Rogalski, Marek;   Roussel, Frederick;   Sebih, Saied;   Shimizu, T.;   Yokokohji, O.

Publication Titles

1994: Influence of lateral alkoxy substitution on mesomorphic properties of copper complexes
1994: Study of orientational ordering of laterally alkoxy branched nematics by one and two dimensional C-13 NMR
1996: Investigation of retention properties of three laterally substituted liquid crystal stationary phases by gas chromatography
1997: Orientational ordering of some biforked nematic liquid crystals
1997: The effect of a lateral aromatic branch on the orientational ordering of laterally alkoxy substituted nematics
1998: Influence of large lateral substituents on the nematic liquid crystalline properties studied by 13C NMR
1998: NMR investigation of the oxyethylene unit ordering in some related dialkoxy laterally substituted nematogens
1998: Orientational ordering in some nematogens deviating from the classical rod-shape
1998: Racemic nematogens having a chiral center in the lateral chain
1999: Formation of binary liquid crystal mixtures from a thermal cyclization process
1999: Nematic ordering and crystal structure of liquid crystals containing a 4-chlorophenyldifluoroethylene unit
1999: Unusual thermal behavior of mesogens containing an N,N-dialkylaminomethylene lateral substituent
2000: Freezing of intramolecular motion around the chiral center of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal as evidenced by damped transient oscillations in 13C-1H cross polarization
2000: Laterally dibenzyloxy-branched nematogens with large nematic range and rich solid polymorphism
2004: Organization of Four Thermotropic Liquid Crystals of Different Polarities on Model Liquid and Solid Surfaces


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