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Bayle, J.-P.

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Bayle, J.P.;   Bayle, Jean-Pierre


Allouchi, H.;   Belaaraj, A.;   Berdague, P.;   Berdagué, P.;   Bui, E.;   Canlet, C.;   Cotrait, M.;   Courtieu, J.;   Fung, Bing M.;   Guermouche, M.H.;   Judeinstein, P.;   Lafontaine, E.;   Leblanc, K.;   Lesot, P.;   Miyajima, S.;   Perez, F.;   Ramanathan, K.V.;   Rault, J.;   Rayssac, V.;   Saïdat, B.;   Sinha, N.

Publication Titles

1989: Synthesis of nematic liquid crystalline organometallic complexes with a rigid skeleton
1995: New laterally alkoxy-branched metallomesogens with a large nematic range
1996: Orientational ordering of laterally dialkoxy branched nematics studied by one and two dimensional C-13 NMR
1998: Unusual ordering of a dioxyethylene chain in dialkoxy laterally substituted nematogen as evidenced by 13C NMR
2000: Conformational behaviour of laterally dialkoxy branched mesogens. Part one
2000: Synthesis and ionic properties of nematic compounds bearing an ether-crown moiety: an NMR approach
2001: Conformational behaviour of laterally dialkoxy branched mesogens. Part two
2001: Nematogens containing oxyethylene units at a lateral or terminal position and their mixtures with salts
2001: X-ray structures of dilaterally substituted racemic nematogens containing a chiral centre in one of the lateral chains
2004: Synthesis, characterization and intramolecular cyclisation study of three new liquid crystals


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