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Baxter, David V.

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Baxter, D.V.


Cayton, Roger H.;   Chisholm, Malcolm H.;   Choi, Sung-Min;   Darrington, Frank D.;   Huffman, John C.;   Lynn, Matthew A.;   Pate, Brian D.;   Putilina, Elena F.;   Swager, Timothy;   Tagg, Sandra L.;   Trzaska, Scott T.;   Werner-Zwanziger, Ulrike;   Wesemann, Jodi L.;   Zaleski, Jeffrey M.;   Zwanziger, Josef W.

Publication Titles

1994: Multiple Bonds between Metal Atoms in Ordered Assemblies. 2. Quadrupole Bonds in the Mesomorphic State
1998: Studies of Thermotropic Properties and the Mesophase of Mixtures of n-Alkanoates and Perfluoro-n-alkanoates of Dimolybdenum (M&M)
2002: Structure and Magnetic Alignment of Metalloporphyrazine Columnar Aggregates in Their Mesophases and Crystalline Phases

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