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Bault, Ph.

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Bault, P..

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Bault, P.;   Bault, Philip;   Bault, Philippe;   Bault, Phillipe


Bulat, M.;   Douillet, O.;   Eichler, H.J.;   Gode, P.;   Goethals, G.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Martin, P.;   Minana-Perez, M.;   Morales-Saavedra, Omar;   Rauch, S.;   Ronco, G.;   Salager, J.L.;   Savelli, M.P.;   Scorza, C.;   Spychala, L.;   Villa, P.

Publication Titles

1998: Comparative self-assembling of 3-Z-alkyl-D-glucoses and 1-Z-alkyl-D,L-xylitol analogs
1998: Liquid crystalline properties of amphiphilic ether-linked disaccharide derivatives and corresponding diitols
1998: Structural influences on O-alkyl-monosaccharide liquid crystal phase transitions
1999: Glyceryl spacer arm influence on the O-alkyl-carbohydrate amphiphilic properties
1999: New amphiphilic polypropylene glycol derivatives with carbohydrate polar head
2002: Domain Structure Studies in Phases of Bent-Shaped Molecules by Spatially Resolved Second Harmonic Microscopy


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