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Baulin, V.E.


Akopova, O.B.;   Kiselev, M.R.;   Logacheva, N.M.;   Senchikhin, I.N.;   Tchivadze, A.Yu.;   Tsivadze, A.Yu.

Publication Titles

2008: Prediction of mesomorphism, synthesis and studies of disc-like crown-substituted phthalocyanines
2008: Prediction, synthesis and investigation of mesomorphism of new octa(benzo-15-crown-5)-substituted derivatives of phthalocyanine and its metallo complexes [Zn(II), Ni(II)]
2009: Synthesis and studies of mesomorphism of new octa-(benzo-15-crown-5)-substituted phthalocyanines and transition metal phthalocyaninates

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