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Bates, Frank S.

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Bates, F.S.


Almdal, Kristoffer;   Bailey, Travis S.;   Burghardt, Wesley R.;   Caputo, Franklin E.;   Chapman, Bryan;   Cochran, Eric W.;   Dalhaimer, Paul;   Discher, Dennis E.;   Epps, Thomas H.;   Fredrickson, Glenn H.;   Gehlsen, Mark D.;   Glinka, Charles J.;   Hahn, Stephen F.;   Hajduk, Damian A.;   Hamley, Ian W.;   Harada, Tamotsu;   Hardy, Cordell M.;   Hermel, Theresa J.;   Khandpur, Ashish K.;   Koppi, Kurt A.;   Krishnan, Kasiraman;   Lim, Lisa S.;   Lodge, Timothy P.;   Mori, Yoichiro;   Mortensen, Kell;   Rosedale, Jeffrey H.;   Schulz, Mark F.;   Schwahn, Dietmar;   Takenouchi, Hiroshi;   Tepe, Thomas;   Tirrell, Matthew;   Waletzko, Ryan;   Washburn, Newell R.;   Wu, Lifeng

Publication Titles

1988: Fluctuation-Induced First-Order Transition of an Isotropic System to a Periodic State
1993: Hexagonal mesophases between lamellae and cylinders in a diblock copolymer melt
1993: Shear-induced isotropic-to-lamellar transition
1994: Complex layered phases in asymmetric diblock copolymers
1994: Epitaxial Relationship for Hexagonal-to-Cubic Phase Transition in a Book Copolymer Mixture
1997: Small-angle neutron scattering studies of the phase behavior and mesophases of homopolymers, block copolymers and complex mixtures
1998: Shear-induced ordering kinetics of a triblock copolymer melt
2000: Ternary Polymer Blends as Model Surfactant Systems
2000: Ternary polymer blends as model surfactant systems
2001: Shear-Induced Nano-Macro Structural Transition in a Polymeric Bicontinuous Microemulsion
2002: A Noncubic Triply Periodic Network Morphology in Poly(isoprene-b-styrene-b-ethylene oxide) Triblock Copolymers
2002: Block Copolymer Melts - Just Heat and Beat
2002: Effects of shear flow on a polymeric bicontinuous microemulsion: Equilibrium and steady state behavior
2002: Shear-Induced Lamellae Alignment in Matched Triblock and Pentablock Copolymers
2002: Time-resolved small-angle x-ray scattering measurements of a polymer bicontinuous microemulsion structure factor under shear
2002: Transient Rheology of a Polymeric Bicontinuous Microemulsion
2003: Consequences of Molecular Bridging in Lamellae-Forming Triblock/Pentablock Copolymer Blends
2003: Phase Behavior and Block Sequence Effects in Lithium Perchlorate-Doped Poly(isoprene-b-styrene-b-ethylene oxide) and Poly(styrene-b-isoprene-b-ethylene oxide) Triblock Copolymers
2003: Single Molecule Visualization of Stable, Stiffness-Tunable, Flow-Conforming Worm Micelles
2003: Transverse Orientation of Lamellae and Cylinders by Solution Extrusion of a Pentablock Copolymer
2004: Shear-Induced Network-to-Network Transition in a Block Copolymer Melt


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