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Bata, Lajos

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Bata, L.


Dabrowski, Roman;   Eber, Nandor;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Hamplova, Vera;   Holly, Sandor;   Jákli, Antal;   Kaspar, Miroslav;   Kozlovsky, M.V.;   Milburn, George Henry William;   Pinter, Katalin;   Szabon, Janos;   Vajda, Aniko;   Vajda, Boldizsar;   Vanek, Premysl;   Wright, Jeffrey Peter

Publication Titles

1976: Liquid crystals in physical and biological systems and in practical applications
1982: Advances in liquid crystal research and applications
1982: Microdynamics of nematic and smectic-A structured liquid crystals
1986: Preparation of esters of p-alkoxybenzoic acids and p-alkoxyphenols and liquid-crystal mixtures for fast-acting displays
1988: Textures of planar oriented ferroelectric liquid crystals in alternating electric fields
1989: Ferroelectric liquid crysal mixtures comprising p,p'-disubstituted benzoic acid phenyl esters as liquid crystal
1991: A chiral side-chain polymer with layered structure
1991: Chiral esters and their mixtures with stable chiral smectic C phase at ambient temperature
1992: Electromechanical effects in ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
1996: Ferroelectric liquid crystals
1996: Liquid crystals in optoelectronics
1996: The structure and properties of liquid crystals
1997: Liquid crystal polymers and polymer composites
1997: New liquid crystals for research and application. Part II
1997: New liquid crystals for research and applications I
1998: Ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures and molecular additives for applications over wide temperature ranges in display devices
2000: Liquid crystalline properties of S-(-)-4-(2-n-alkoxypropionyloxy)biphenyl 4'-n-alkoxy-3,5-dimethylbenzoate


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Ferroelectrics, 121, 275
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Fiz. Sz., 26, 88
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HU 199.891 B (1990/03/28)
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WO 9.835.931 (1998/08/20)

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