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Basturk, Naci

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Basturk, N.


Brunet, Monique;   Chuard, Thierry;   Deschenaux, Robert;   Gautier, Pascal;   Grupp, Joachim;   Padeste, Celestino;   Park, Sung-Gook;   Scharf, Toralf;   Schift, Helmut

Publication Titles

1992: Liquid - crystal cell with homeotropic alignement layer.
1996: Liquid crystal composition and cells containing the same
1998: Infra-red study on the evolution of the polymerization of mesogenic diacrylates in a low molecular mass liquid crystal matrix
2001: Display unit such as watches with inverted contrast comprising two superposed display devices
2002: Two-colour liquid crystal display unit
2005: Liquid crystal device comprising heterogeneous alignment layer
2005: Liquid Crystal Alignment on Chemical Nanopatterns: Control over Azimuthal and Polar Alignment


CN 1343903 A (2002/04/10)
EP 1759239 A1 (2007/03/07)
EP 703.287 (1996/03/27)
FR 2.666.342 (1992/03/06)
JP 2001296546 A (2001/10/26)
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 321, 383
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 438, 55

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