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Bastiaansen, C.W.M.

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Bastiaansen, Cees W.M.


Brett, M.J.;   Broer, D.J.;   Carlström, C.F.;   Cornelissen, H.J.;   Crawford, G.P.;   Elias, A.L.;   Escuti, M.J.;   Feldman, K.;   Fischer, H.R.;   Freund, L.B.;   Gusev, A.A.;   Harris, K.D.;   Jagt, H.;   Jagt, H.J.B.;   Jansen, M.A.G.;   Janssen, R.H.C.;   Karouta, F.;   Kjellander, B.K.C.;   Kjellander, Ch.;   Lemstra, P.J.;   Lub, J.;   Mol, G.N.;   Narayanankutty, S.;   Nelissen, L.;   Nötzel, R.;   Salemink, H.W.M.;   Serrano-Ramón, B.;   Sousa, M.E.;   Sánchez, C.;   Tervoort, T.A.;   Teunissen, J.-P.;   Vaenkatesan, V.;   Varghese, S.;   Verbakel, F.;   Wegh, R.T.;   Wilderbeek, H.T.A.;   Wübbenhorst, M.;   Zakerhamidi, S.;   van Boxtel, M.C.W.;   van Es, J.J.G.S.;   van Heesch, C.;   van Heesch, C.M.;   van Oosten, C.L.;   van Turnhout, Jan;   van der Drift, E.;   van der Heijden, R.;   van der Heijden, R.W.;   van der Meer, F.J.A.;   van der Meer, M.G.M.

Publication Titles

1989: Melting behavior of gelspun/drawn polyolefins
1999: Polymer filled nematics: a new class of light scattering electrooptical devices
1999: The dielectric constant of a polymer filled nematic composite material: A numerical study
2002: Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Self-Assembled Monolayers Using Ultra-Thin Gold Films
2003: A dielectric study on the relaxation and switching behaviour of liquid crystals confined within a colloidal network
2003: Patterned Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Selectively Thiol-Functionalized Photo-Orientation Layers
2003: Synthesis and properties of phenyl benzoate-based and biphenyl-based liquid crystalline thiol-ene monomers
2004: Orientational properties and dynamics of nematic liquid crystals mixed with dendrimers for electro-optical switches
2004: Patterned Alignment of Liquid Crystals by &mgr;-Rubbing
2004: Polarized back- and frontlights for LCDs
2004: Transparent Slanted Phase Gratings in Emissive Waveguides
2005: An efficient illumination system for liquid crystal displays incorporating an anisotropic hologram
2005: Improving the Brightness and Daylight Contrast of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
2005: Thermo-Mechanical Responses of Liquid-Crystal Networks with a Splayed Molecular Organization
2006: Isotropic ?Islands? in a Cholesteric ?Sea?: Patterned Thermal Expansion for Responsive Surface Topologies
2006: Photopatterned liquid crystalline polymers for microactuators
2007: Deep Hole InP Photonic Crystals Infiltrated With Solid Polymers And Liquid Crystals
2007: Glassy photomechanical liquid-crystal network actuators for microscale devices
2008: 3D-structured liquid crystal networks formed by dichroic photoinitiator initiated photopolymerization
2008: Printing of Monolithic Polymeric Microstructures Using Reactive Mesogens


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