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Bassereau, P.

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Bassereau, Patricia


Appell, J.;   Delord, P.;   Freyssingeas, E.;   Gomati, R.;   Jahn, W.;   Larche, F.;   Larche, F.C.;   Marignan, J.;   May, R.;   Nallet, F.;   Porte, G.;   Roux, D.;   Skouri, M.;   Strey, Reinhard

Publication Titles

1986: Extreme swelling of a lyotropic lamellar liquid crystal
1987: An X-ray study of brine swollen lyotropic lamellar phases
1987: Experimental study of swollen lyotropic lamellar phases
1987: Influence of the nature of the counterion and of hexanol on the phase behavior of the dilute ternary systems: cetylpyridinium bromide or chloride-hexanol-brine
1988: Quasi-long-range order in swollen lyotropic lamellar phases
1988: SANS diffuse pattern in very swollen lamellar phases
1988: Swelling of lyotropic lamellar liquid crystals
1989: Extreme swelling of a lyotropic lamellar liquid crystal
1990: Freeze fracture electron microscopy of dilute lamellar and anomalous isotropic (L3) phases
1991: Experimental Measure of the Anisotropy of the Bragg Singularity in Lyotropic Smectics
1992: Excess Area in Fluctuating-Membrane Systems
1992: Flexibility of lyotropic membranes: a comparative study between static and hydrodynamic measurements


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