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Bashir, Z.

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Bashir, Zahir


Khan, N.;   Price, D.M.;   Rastogi, Sanjay

Publication Titles

1992: Thermoreversible gels of polyacrylonitrile
1993: Double endothermic and exothermic transitions during heating and cooling of thermoreversible polyacrylonitrile gels
1994: Synthesis and mesophase characterization of liquid crystalline polyesters with bulky, rigid, lateral substituents
1996: Correlation of observations made by DSC and hot-stage optical microscopy of the thermal properties of a monotropic liquid-crystal polyester
2001: The hexagonal mesophase in atactic polyacrylonitrile: A new interpretation of the phase transitions in the polymer
2005: The Explanation of the Increase in Slope at the Tg in the Plot of d-Spacing Versus Temperature in Polyacrylonitrile


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