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Bashir-Hashemi, A.


Blanton, T.M.;   Blanton, Thomas N.;   Chen, S.-H.;   Chen, Shaw H.;   Gelber, Nathan;   Li, Jianchang;   Marshall, Kenneth L.;   Mastrangelo, J.C.;   Mastrangelo, John C.;   Shi, Hongqin

Publication Titles

1995: Novel Glass-Forming Organic Materials. 1. Adamantane with Pendant Cholesteryl, Disperse Red 1, and Nematogenic Groups
1996: Novel glass-forming liquid crystals. IV. Effects of central core and pendant group on vitrification and morphological stability
1996: Vitrification and morphological stability of liquid crystals
1997: Novel Glass-Forming Organic Materials. 3. Cubane with Pendant Nematogens, Carbazole, and Disperse Red 1

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