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Bartlett, P.N.

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Bartlett, Philip N.;   Bartlett, Philip Nigel


Attard, G.S.;   Elliott, J.M.;   Ghanem, M.A.;   Gollas, B.;   Goncharov, A.V.;   Guerin, S.;   Marwan, J.;   Owen, J.R.;   Ryan, N.;   Singh, G.;   Zhukov, A.A.;   de Groot, P.A.J.

Publication Titles

1999: A generic approach to electrodes with novel controllable continuous nanoarchitectures
2002: The preparation and characterization of H1-e palladium films with a regular hexagonal nanostructure formed by electrochemical deposition from lyotropic liquid crystalline phases
2003: Magnetic antidot arrays from self-assembly template methods

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