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Bartkiewicz, Stanislaw

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Bartkiewicz, S.;   Bartkiewicz, Stanislaw J.


Janus, Krzysztof;   Januszko, Adam;   Jarzab, Dorota;   Kajzar, Francois;   Komorowska, K.;   Miniewicz, Andrzej;   Mysliwiec, Jaroslaw;   Parka, Janusz;   Parka, Januz;   Sahraoui, Bouchta;   Zagorska, Malgorzata

Publication Titles

1996: Molecular systems for real time holography
1998: Enhanced photorefractive effect in hybrid conducting polymer-liquid crystal structures
1998: Enhanced photorefractive effects in a hybrid photoconducting polymer- liquid crystal panel
1998: Liquid crystals as materials for real-time holographic optical devices
1998: Observation of high gain in a liquid-crystal panel with photoconducting polymeric layers
1998: On the dynamics of coherent amplification of light observed in liquid crystal panel with photoconducting polymeric layers
1998: On the light-induced photoconductivity-mediated grating formation in liquid crystal cells
1998: Optical phase conjugation in dye-doped nematic liquid crystal
1998: Photoconducting polymer hybrid liquid crystal structures used as optical gain media
1999: All-optical switching of light in hybrid liquid crystal structures
1999: Optically addressable spatial light modulator of polymeric-liquid crystal structure
2000: Optically addressed liquid crystalline light valves - theory of their operation and applications
2001: Novel highly efficient hybrid photoconducting polymer-liquid crystal structures and their application for optical beam processing
2001: Photoconducting polymer - nematic liquid crystal hybrid structures the promising choice for optical information processing
2002: Dynamics of ps-pulse induced gratings in LC panels
2002: Influence of light on self-diffraction process in liquid crystal cells with photoconducting polymeric layers
2003: Optically addressable hybrid: photoconducting polymer-liquid crystal panels
2004: Applications of photorefractive liquid crystals
2007: Study of self-diffraction process in photoconducting polymer-nematic liquid crystal hybrid structure


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