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Barrio, Maria

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Barrio, M.


Cusmin, Paul;   Diez, Sergio;   Lopez, David O.;   López, David O.;   Mondieig, Denise;   Negrier, Philippe;   Pardo, Luis C.;   Perez-Jubindo, Miguel A.;   Salud, Josep;   Sied, Mohamed B.;   Sied, Mohamed.B.;   Tamarit, Josep Ll.;   de la Fuente, Maria R.

Publication Titles

2001: Stable and Metastable Phase Diagram of the Two-Component System (CH3)3CCl-(CH3)CCl3: An Example of Crossed Isodimorphism
2002: Binary mixtures of nCB and nOCB liquid crystals. Two experimental evidences for a smectic A-nematic tricritical point
2005: Liquid Crystal Binary Mixtures of 8OCB + 10OCB. Evidence for a Smectic A-to-Nematic Tricritical Point
2006: Re-entrant Nematic Behavior in the 7OCB+9OCB Mixtures: Evidence for Multiple Nematic-Smectic Tricritical Points

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