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Barratt, P.J.


Bramley, J.S.;   Coles, C.W.;   Duffy, B.R.;   Hodson, D.A.;   Leslie, F.M.;   Manley, J.;   Manley, J.M.;   Sloan, D.M.;   Zuniga, I.

Publication Titles

1973: Features of a continuum description of disclination lines in nematic liquid crystals
1978: Thermal instabilities in twisted nematic liquid crystals
1979: Reflection and refraction of an obliquely incident shear wave at a solid-nematic interface
1980: Analysis of thermal instabilities in a layer of nematic liquid crystal with oblique orientation at the boundaries
1981: A calculation of shear rate thresholds for homogeneous and roll type instabilities in nematics subjected to simple shear flow
1982: A theoretical investigation of the Pieranski-Guyon instability in Couette flow of nematic liquid crystals
1982: An analysis of thermal instabilities in obliquely aligned layers of a nematic liquid crystal
1983: A linear analysis of instabilities occurring in plane shear flow of nematic liquid crystals when a vertical temperature gradient is present
1983: Thermal instability in a sample of nematic liquid crystal contained in a rotating annulus
1984: A nonlinear analysis of thermal instabilities in nematic liquid crystals
1984: A theoretical investigation of Bernard-Couette instabilities in nematic liquid crystals
1985: A nonlinear analysis of thermal instabilities in homeotropic nematics
1985: Convective instabilities in long pitch cholesterics
1985: The effect of non-uniform temperature gradients on thermal instabilities in nematic liquid crystals
1985: Thermal convection in nematic layers
1989: Benard convection in liquid crystals
1995: Weak-anchoring effects on a Freedericksz transition in an annulus
1996: A backflow effect in smectic C liquid crystals in a bookshelf geometry
1997: A study of periodic transitions in smectic C liquid crystals
1997: Freedericksz transitions in smectic liquid crystals in annular geometries
1999: The effect of splay-bend elasticity on Freedericksz transitions in an annulus


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