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Baro, Angelika

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Baro, A.


Dawin, Ute;   Deck, Christopher;   Drees, Christina;   Erker, Gerhard;   Fischer, Peter;   Frey, Wolfgang;   Fröhlich, Roland;   Gießelmann, Frank;   Hägele, Constanze;   Jahr, Michael;   Judele, Roxana;   Kaller, Martin;   Kantlehner, Willi;   Kapatsina, Elisabeth;   Kapernaum, Nadia;   Kehr, Gerald;   Kohnen, Gilles;   Laschat, Sabine;   Lehmann, Matthias;   Luftmann, Heinrich;   Nimtz, Manfred;   Saliba, Sarmenio;   Sauer, Sven;   Scalia, Giusy;   Schreivogel, Alina;   Schultz, Steven M.;   Starkulla, Gundula F.;   Steinke, Nelli;   Tosoni, Martin;   Tussetschläger, Stefan;   Wuckert, Eugen

Publication Titles

2004: Synthesis of novel chiral ionic liquids and their phase behavior in mixtures with smectic and nematic liquid crystals
2006: Columnar and smectic liquid crystals based on crown ethers
2006: Columnar liquid crystals derived from ester-substituted tetraphenylenes
2007: Crystal-smectic E mesophases in a series of 2-(4-n-alkylphenyl)indenes
2007: Discotic liquid crystals: from tailor-made synthesis to plastic electronics.
2008: Guanidinium Chlorides with Triphenylene Moieties Displaying Columnar Mesophases
2009: Chiral tetraphenylethenes as novel dopants for calamitic and discotic liquid crystals
2009: Columnar Mesophases Controlled by Counterions in Potassium Complexes of Dibenzo[18]crown-6 Derivatives
2009: Counterion Effects on the Mesomorphic Properties of Chiral Imidazolium and Pyridinium Ionic Liquids
2009: Crown ethers with lateral ortho-terphenyl units: effect of ester groups and sodium salts on the mesomorphic properties
2009: Influence of spacer chain lengths and polar terminal groups on the mesomorphic properties of tethered 5-phenylpyrimidines
2009: Saddle-shaped tetraphenylenes with peripheral gallic esters displaying columnar mesophases
2009: p-Alkoxybiphenyls with guanidinium head groups displaying smectic mesophases


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