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Barnes, T.H.

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Barnes, Thomas H.


Bold, G.T.;   Eiju, T.;   Gourlay, J.;   Haskell, T.G.;   Ichikawa, H.;   Matsuda, K.;   Matsumoto, K.;   Ooyama, N.;   Sharples, R.M.;   Taghizadeh, M.R.;   Turunen, J.;   Yocky, D.A.

Publication Titles

1990: Simple measurement of the phase modulation capability of liquid crystal phase-only light modulators
1991: Reconfigurable holographic optical interconnections using a phase-only nematic liquid crystal spatial light modulator
1998: Practical issues for the use of liquid crystal spatial light modulators in adaptive optics

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