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Barna, Valentin

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Barna, V.


Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza;   Atherton, Timothy J.;   Barna, Emil S.;   Bartolino, Roberto;   Berlic, Catalin;   Bruno, Emanuela;   Caputo, Roberto;   Ionescu, Andrei Th.;   Lee, Ji-Hoon;   Petschek, Rolfe G.;   Price, Gabriel Noam;   Rosenblatt, Charles;   Scaramuzza, Nicola;   Strangi, Giuseppe;   Umeton, Cesare;   Versace, Carlo;   de Luca, Antonio

Publication Titles

2004: Fast electro-optic switching in nematic liquid crystals
2004: Molecular Simulation of the Free Surface Order in NLC Samples
2004: Role of Delocalized Electrons in Polyaniline-Nematogen Cyanobiphenyls Interaction
2005: Color-Tunable Organic Microcavity Laser Array Using Distributed Feedback
2009: Direct Measurement of Surface-Induced Orientational Order Parameter Profile above the Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition Temperature


Appl. Phys. Lett., 84, 40
J. Phys. Chem. B, 108, 3207
J. Phys. Chem. B, 108, 8894
Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 167801
Phys. Rev. Lett., 94, 063903

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