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Barmatov, Evgueni

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Barmatov, E.


Andreeva, Larisa;   Barmatova, Marina;   Borisova, Tamara;   Calucci, Lucia;   Catalano, Donata;   Chenskaya, Tamara;   Chiezzi, Leonardo;   Diaz-Calleja, Ricardo;   Filippov, Alexander;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Galyametdinov, Yuri;   Georgoussis, George;   Haase, Wolfgang;   Kremer, Friedrich;   Nikonorova, Natalia;   Pebalk, Dmitry;   Pissis, Polycarpos;   Pizzanelli, Silvia;   Prosvirin, Andrey;   Shibaev, Valeriy;   Shibaev, Valery;   Veracini, Carlo Alberto

Publication Titles

1999: New principle of molecular design of LC polymers by covalent and ionic bonding of side groups
1999: Side chain functionalized liquid crystalline polymers and blends. Part 1. Reentrant nematic phase formation in hydrogen-bonded blends of liquid crystalline functionalized copolymers with a low molecular weight non-mesogenic dopant
2000: Side-chain functionalized liquid crystalline polymers and blends, 2a: Phase behavior of comb-shaped liquid crystalline ionomers containing ions of alkaline metals
2000: Side-chain functionalized liquid crystalline polymers and blends, 4. Phase behavior of functionalized liquid crystalline copolymers containing maleic acid fragments
2000: Side-chain functionalized liquid crystalline polymers and blends. 6. Phase behavior, structure, and magnetic properties of copper(II)-containing liquid crystalline ionomers
2001: Dielectric Spectroscopy and Low Temperature Molecular Dynamics of Thermotropic Side-Chain Polymethacrylates with Side Halogen Terminal Groups
2002: Order and Dynamics of a Series of Side Chain Liquid Crystal Copolymers through 2H NMR Spectroscopy
2003: Dielectric Relaxation and Thermally Stimulated Discharge Currents in Liquid-Crystalline Side-Chain Polymethacrylates with Phenylbenzoate Mesogens Having Tail Groups of Different Length
2005: 2H-NMR of the Induced Chiral Phases of Acrylate-Metacrylate Liquid Crystalline Copolymers


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Macromol. Chem. Phys., 202, 1313
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