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Barmatov, E.B.

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Barmatov, Eugeniy B.;   Barmatov, Evgenii B.;   Barmatov, Evgeny B.


Andreeva, L.N.;   Andropov, V.V.;   Barmatova, M.V.;   Bobrovskii, A.Yu.;   Bobrovsky, A.Yu.;   Boiko, N.I.;   Borisova, T.I.;   Chenskaya, T.B.;   Dadivani, A.K.;   Diaz-Calleja, R.;   Dominguez-Espinosa, G.;   Filippov, A.P.;   Filippov, A.V.;   Filippov, S.K.;   Godinho, M.H.F.;   Grokhovskaya, T.E.;   Ionescu, D.;   Ivanov, S.A.;   Koval, N.V.;   Kozlovsky, M.;   Kremer, F.;   Kuntcevich, E.V.;   Kuntsevich, E.V.;   Lezov, A.V.;   Luckhurst, Geoffrey R.;   Medvedev, A.S.;   Medvedev, A.V.;   Moon, Bong-Seok;   Nikonorova, N.A.;   Park, Jae-Geun;   Pebalk, D.A.;   Pelbalk, D.A.;   Pissis, P.;   Plate, N.A.;   Polushin, S.G.;   Richardson, R.M.;   Rjumtsev, E.I.;   Shibaev, V.P.;   Stroganov, L.B.;   Stumpe, J.;   Tal'roze, R.V.;   Tarasekno, K.N.;   Tsvetkov, V.N.;   Whitehouse, I.J.;   Yongjie, T.

Publication Titles

1993: Liquid crystal director dynamics in an oriented crosslinked liquid-crystalline polymer
1993: Proton NMR spectroscopic study of the dynamics of director rotation in a comb-shaped liquid - crystal polymer
1994: Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
1996: Rotation relaxation in a side chain liquid crystal polymer in the vicinity of the nematic-isotropic transition temperature
1997: 4th Int. Symp. Polym. Adv. Technol., Leipzig
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1997: Dielectric relaxation in linear and crosslinked polymers with mesogenic groups in side chains oriented by an external field
1997: Elastic deformation of nematic phase of a comblike polymer in a magnetic field
1997: Induction of the smectic phase in comb-shaped liquid crystalline ionogenic copolymers by hydrogen bond formation
1997: Orientational elastic deformations of high-temperature and reentrant polymer nematics in the magnetic field
1997: Phase behavior of oriented crosslinked liquid -crystalline polymers
1997: Rotational viscosity coefficients of a comb-shaped liquid -crystalline polymer
1998: 17th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Strasbourg
1998: Cholesteric mesophase induced in hydrogen-bonded polymer blends with low-molecular wight chiral additives
1998: Comb-shaped liquid crystalline ionogenic copolymers
1998: Comb-shaped liquid-crystalline ionogenic copolymers
1998: Optical anisotropy and orientational elastic constants of polymer high temperature and reentrant nematics
1999: A small angle neutron scattering study of the effect of molecular weight on the conformation of side chain liquid crystal polymers in a smectic phase
1999: Cholesteric mesophase of the hydrogen-bonded blends of liquid crystalline ionogenic copolymers with a low molecular weight chiral dopant
1999: Induction of the cholesteric mesophase in hydrogen-bonded blends of polymers with a low molecular mass chiral dopant
1999: Phase behavior of comb-shaped liquid-crystalline ionomers containing metal ions
1999: Phase state of the blends of ionogenic liquid-crystalline copolymers of different molecular weights with octadecylamine
2000: Side group functionalized liquid crystalline polymers and blends VII. Phase behaviour and elastic constants K1 and K3 for hydrogen bonded blends of a functionalized LC copolymer with a low molecular mass non-mesogenic dopant
2000: Side-chain functionalized liquid crystalline polymers and blends, 3. Effect of intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonds on the order parameter and elasticity constants of side-chain functionalized LC polymers
2001: Side group functionalized liquid crystalline polymers and blends VIII. Nematic and SmAre phase formation in hydrogen-bonded blends of smectic side group LC polymers and a low molar mass dopant
2002: Effect of the tail-group length and degree of polymerization on the order parameter of side-chain liquid-crystalline polymethacrylates containing phenylbenzoate mesogenic groups
2002: Optical anisotropy and elastic constants of hydrogen bonded liquid crystalline blends
2002: Orientational Dynamics in the Melts of Mesogenic Copolymers with Hydrogen and Ionic Bonds from Kerr Effect Measurements
2002: The Role of Electrostatic Interactions and Coordinate Bonds in the Mesophase Formation in Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Ionomers
2003: Dynamics of reorientational processes in nematic phase of comblike co-polymers containing maleic acid fragments in functional component
2003: Induction of the chiral nematic phase in hydrogen-bonded blends of smectic copolymers and low molar mass dopant
2003: Orientational elastic deformations in nematic phase of comblike copolymers containing maleic acid fragments in functional component
2004: Influence of the Molecular Structure of Comb-Shaped Photochromic Copolymers on Photoinduced Birefringence
2004: New Chiral Nematic Ionomers Containing Metal Ions
2005: Kerr effect in the isotropic phase of copolymers with mesogenic side groups
2005: Phase Behavior and Photooptical Properties of Liquid Crystalline Functionalized Copolymers with Low-Molecular-Mass Dopants Stabilized by Hydrogen Bonds
2006: Influence of nanoparticles of cadmium sulfide on phase behaviour of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers with cyanobiphenyl mesogenic groups
2006: Influence of silver nanoparticles on the order parameter of liquid crystalline polymers
2006: Optical isotropic mesophase in side chain copolymers containing isophthalic acid groups
2007: Electrical Properties of Nanocomposites Based on Comb-Shaped Nematic Polymer and Silver Nanoparticles


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