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Baret, J.F.

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Baret, J. Francois;   Baret, Jean Francois


Albinet, G.;   Bois, A.;   Bois, A.G.;   Caillé, A.;   Casalta, L.;   Dupeyrat, M.;   Dupin, J.J.;   Firpo, J.L.;   Hasmonay, H.;   Legre, J.P.;   Panaiotov, I.I.;   Rondelez, F.

Publication Titles

1978: A theoretical study of phase transitions in bidimensional monolayers
1980: Landau theory for the gas-liquid transition in a monomolecular layer of amphiphilic molecules
1981: Model for the tricritical point of the chain-melting transition in a monomolecular layer of amphiphilic molecules
1982: The different types of isotherm exhibited by insoluble fatty acid monolayers. A theoretical interpretation of phase transitions in the condensed state
1982: The liquid-expanded and the liquid-condensed phases in amphiphile monolayers are separated by a second-order phase transition
1984: Equilibrium and nonequilibrium critical behavior of amphiphilic monolayers at the LE-LC transition: a model with broken symmetry and melted chain packing
1984: Relaxation in LE-LC transition of fatty acid monolayers
1987: Liquid expanded-liquid condensed phase transition in Langmuir films of discotic molecules


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