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Barenholz, Y.

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Barenholz, Yechezkel


Bach, D.;   Bar, Liliana K.;   Biltonen, R.L.;   Brown, R.E.;   Cohen, R.;   Correa-Freire, M.;   Crommelin, D.J.A.;   Dagan, A.;   Estep, T.N.;   Freire, E.;   Gatt, S.;   Hresko, R.C.;   Lentz, B.R.;   Markello, T.;   Miller, I.R.;   Minsky, A.;   Mountcastle, D.;   Mountcastle, D.B.;   Samuni, A.M.;   Stephenson, F.A.;   Sugar, I.P.;   Suurkuusk, J.;   Thompson, T.E.;   Zuidam, N.J.

Publication Titles

1976: A calorimetric and fluorescent probe study of the gel-liquid crystalline phase transition in small, single-lamellar dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine vesicles
1976: A calorimetric study of the thermotropic behavior of aqueous dispersions of natural and synthetic sphingomyelins
1978: Correlation between the thermotropic behavior of sphingomyelin liposomes and sphingomyelin hydrolysis by sphingomyelinase of Staphylococcus Aureus
1979: Thermal behavior of synthetic sphingomyelin-cholesterol dispersions
1984: Preparation and characterization of well defined d-erythro sphingomyelins
1985: Properties of a specific glycolipid transfer protein from bovine brain
1986: Lateral distribution of a pyrene-labeled phosphatidylcholine in phosphatidylcholine bilayers: fluorescence phase and modulation study
1989: The metastability of glucosylceramide in aqueous phase. Effect of hydration and phosphatidylcholines of various chain length
1997: Effect of Sphingomyelin Composition on the Phase Structure of Phosphatidylcholine-Sphingomyelin Bilayers
1998: Differential scanning calorimetry a tool to assess physical and chemical alterations in liposomes
1999: Chiral DNA packaging in DNA-cationic liposome assemblies


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