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Bard, Allen J.

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Bard, A.J.


Adams, David M.;   Barbara, Paul F.;   Fechtenkötter, Andreas;   Fox, Marye Anne;   Grant, Jennifer V.;   Gregg, Brian A.;   Hirasawa, Ryo;   Kerimo, Josef;   Kim, Jung Yong;   Liu, Chong-Yang;   Lomax, Ann;   Melamed, Dan;   Müllen, K.;   Pan, Horng-Long;   Tang, Huajun;   Torimoto, Tsukasa;   Watson, Mark D.

Publication Titles

1972: Electrochemistry of the liquid crystal N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-n-butylaniline (MBBA). Role of electrode reactions in dynamic scattering
1989: 2,3,7,8,12,13,17,18-Octakis(.beta.-hydroxyethyl)porphyrin (octaethanolporphyrin) and its liquid crystalline derivatives: synthesis and characterization
1989: Effects of order on the photophysical properties of the liquid crystal zinc octakis(.beta.-octoxyethyl)porphyrin
1990: Photovoltaic effect in symmetrical cells of a liquid crystal porphyrin
1993: Functionalized porphyrin discotic liquid crystals: photoinduced charge separation and trapping
1995: Effect of Structural Order on the Dark Current and Photocurrent in Zinc Octakis(.beta.-decoxyethyl)porphyrin Thin-Layer Cells
1997: Reversible Charge Trapping/Detrapping in a Photoconductive Insulator of Liquid Crystal Zinc Porphyrin
1998: Effect of Structural Variation on Photocurrent Efficiency in Alkyl-Substituted Porphyrin Solid-State Thin Layer Photocells
1999: Optoelectronic Properties and Memories Based on Organic Single-Crystal Thin Films
2000: Electric Field Modulated Near-Field Photo-Luminescence of Organic Thin Films
2002: Pressure-induced insulator-conductor transition in a photoconducting organic liquid-crystal film
2003: Room Temperature Discotic Liquid Crystalline Thin Films of Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene: Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties
2004: Organic donor/acceptor heterojunction photovoltaic devices based on zinc phthalocyanine and a liquid crystalline perylene diimide


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