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Barbarin, F.

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Barbarin, Francois


Boulet, E.;   Cabaret, D.;   Charvolin, J.;   Chausse, J.P.;   Chevarin, B.;   Crouzeix, M.;   Deloche, B.;   Dugay, M.;   Fabre, C.;   Fadel, H.;   Fauxpoint, D.;   Germain, J.P.;   Guillon, D.;   Michon, J.;   Oukarfi, B.;   Piovesan, A.;   Rassat, A.;   Skoulios, A.;   Tchapla, A.

Publication Titles

1977: Electron paramagnetic resonance. Rotational reorientation of line widths of nitroxide radicals dissolved in isotropic media. Solvent effects
1977: Electron paramagnetic resonance. Study of rotational diffusion and orientational order parameter for nitroxides dissolved in p'-methoxybenzylidene-p'-butylaniline
1978: Electron paramagnetic resonance: study of the macroscopic and microscopic orientation of the isotropic and nematic phases of EBBA using a deuterated nitroxide radical probe
1978: Synthesis of a long deuterated nitroxide probe. Characterization of its hyperfine parameters. Application to the study of molecular motions in liquid media
1979: Electron paramagnetic resonance: study of molecular correlations in ordered and isotropic phases
1979: Study of phase transitions in 4-[[[4-(octyloxy)phenyl]imino]methyl]b enzonitrile by dissolved electron spin relaxation
1980: Gem effect: measurement of interfunctional distance by electron paramagnetic resonance
1981: ESR: structure and order in BOBOA and CBOOA mesophases
1981: Structures and molecular dynamics in BOBOA-ESR study
1983: EPR study of the microscopic structure of binary mixtures of liquid crystals
1983: Structures of smectic layers, NMR study of a binary mixture
1986: Double-layer structure of the mesophases S{\sub A} and S{\sub B} of 4-cyanobutoxybenzylidene-4-octylaniline
1987: Structural study of the smectic phases of several 4-cyanoalkoxybenzylidene-4'-alkylanilines
1988: Phase transitions between single- and double-layered smectic structures in binary mixtures of cyano-mesogens
1989: Electroactive mesomorphic side-chain polymers from cationic polymerization of polar end-group liquid crystal monomers
1989: Smectic A1 <-> A2 transition of cyano-6O.8: a two-dimensional phase separation of the molecular end groups
1990: Model of conformational molecular behavior in a mixture of two thermotropic liquid crystals in nematic and smectic B phases
1992: Polar smectogens: polymorphism of some cyanoalkoxybiphenyl alkoxybenzoates and related compounds


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