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Barauskas, Justas

Alternative Writings

Barauskas, J.

Similar Names

Barauskasa, Justas


Bulovas, Arunas;   Butkus, Eugenijus;   Cervin, Camilla;   Joabsson, Fredrik;   Johnsson, Markus;   Miezis, Yvonne;   Nylander, Tommy;   Razumas, Valdemaras;   Talaikyte, Zita;   Tauraite, Daiva;   Tiberg, Fredrik

Publication Titles

1997: An FT-IR study of the effects of distearoylphosphatidylglycerol and cytochrome c on the molecular organization of the monoolein-water cubic liquid - crystalline phase
1999: Solubilization of ubiquinone-10 in the lamellar and bicontinuous cubic phases of aqueous monoolein
2003: Towards redox active liquid crystalline phases of lipids: a monoolein/water system with entrapped derivatives of ferrocene
2005: Cubic Phase Nanoparticles (Cubosome): Principles for Controlling Size, Structure, and Stability
2005: Cubic Phases and Cubic Phase Dispersions in a Phospholipid-Based System
2005: Self-Assembled Lipid Superstructures: Beyond Vesicles and Liposomes
2006: Hexagonal Liquid-crystalline Nanoparticles in Aqueous Mixtures of Glyceryl Monooleyl Ether and Pluronic F127
2008: Structure of lyotropic self-assembled lipid nonlamellar liquid crystals and their nanoparticles in mixtures of phosphatidyl choline and .alpha.-tocopherol (vitamin E)


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