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Bapat, B.V.


Bhale, A.;   Bhalerao, N.V.;   Ghatge, B.B.;   Gumaste, V.K.;   Jadhav, A.L.;   Likhite, S.M.;   Mane, M.V.;   Naikdwadi, K.P.;   Naikwadi, K.P.;   Panse, D.G.;   Pawar, P.P.

Publication Titles

1980: Liquid crystals. I. Synthesis and application as stationary phases in gas-liquid chromatography
1981: Applications of laterally mono and disubstituted liquid crystals as stationary phases in gas liquid chromatography
1981: Liquid crystals. II. Applications of liquid crystals as stationary phases in gas-liquid chromatography
1981: Synthesis of laterally substituted new liquid crystalline compounds: 4'-alkyl/alkoxy-2-methyl-4-(4"-alkoxybenzoyloxy)azobenzenes
1982: Liquid crystals. III. Application of laterally substituted liquid crystals for the separation of alkylbenzenes compared with conventional stationary phases in gas chromatography
1982: Synthesis of laterally mono- and disubstituted new liquid-crystal compounds: 2-chloro-, 3-methyl-, and 2,3-dimethyl-4'-substituted-4-(4''-alkoxybenzoyloxy)azobenzenes
1983: Liquid crystals. IV. Study of the supercooling effect on laterally substituted liquid crystalline compounds
1984: Liquid crystals. V. Comparative study of laterally halogen-substituted liquid crystalline stationary phases
1984: Use of liquid crystals as stationary phases for the quantitative estimation of acid and base catalyzed reaction products
1985: Synthesis of laterally disubstituted and nitro substituted new liquid crystals
1987: Liquid crystals. VI. Comparative study of the supercooling effect of some liquid crystalline stationary phases using gas-liquid chromatography


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