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Bang, Moon-Soo

Alternative Writings

Bang, M.-S.;   Bang, M.S.;   Bang, Moonsoo


Chang, Jin-Hae;   Choi, Hyung-Hee;   Choi, Jae-Kon;   Chung, Bong Yong;   Jin, Jung-Il;   Jo, Byung-Wook;   Lee, Soo-Min;   Park, Nam-Jin

Publication Titles

1992: Dimesogenic compounds consisting of two aromatic ester or amide type mesogenic units having trifluoromethyl substituents at terminal phenylene rings and a central dimethylenetetramethyldisilox yl spacer
1994: Blends of new thermotropic LCP having alkoxy side-groups with PBT
1994: On the composites of engineering plastics with liquid crystalline polyesters. I
1996: Composites based on poly(butylene terephthalate) and a liquid-crystalline polyester

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