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Bangham, A.D.


Cohen, B.E.;   Greville, G.D.;   Hill, M.W.;   Horne, R.W.;   Jenkin, G.;   Johnson, P.;   Lester, R.;   Miller, Nigel;   Morley, C.J.;   Standish, M.M.;   Thorburn, G.D.;   de Gier, J.

Publication Titles

1962: Action of Saponin on Biological Cell Membranes
1965: Cation Permeability of Phospholipid Model Membranes: Effect of Narcotics
1967: Osmotic properties and water permeability of phospholipid liquid crystals
1972: Diffusion of Small Non-Electrolytes across Liposome Membranes
1972: Model membranes
1972: Molecular Mechanism of Tay-Sachs Disease
1978: Physical and physiological properties of dry lung surfactant
1986: The proton pump/leak mechanism of unconsciousness
1993: Liposomes: the Babraham connection
1993: Surrogate cells


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