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Banavar, Jayanth R.

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Banavar, J.R.


Bellini, Tommaso;   Cieplak, Marek;   Flammini, Alessandro;   Gonnella, Giuseppe;   Hoang, Trinh X.;   Hoang, Trinh Xuan;   Holter, Neal S.;   Koplik, Joel;   Maddocks, John H.;   Maritan, Amos;   Poletto, Chiara;   Seno, Flavio;   Stasiak, Andrzej;   Swift, Michael R.;   Toigo, Flavio;   Trovato, Antonio;   Volkov, Igor;   de los Rios, Paolo

Publication Titles

1994: Nematic-isotropic transition in porous media
1994: Phase diagram of uniaxial liquid crystals
2002: Effects of pore walls and randomness on phase transitions in porous media
2002: Molecular dynamics simulations of crystallization of hard spheres
2003: Colloquium: Geometrical approach to protein folding: a tube picture
2003: Extensional rupture of model non-Newtonian fluid filaments
2004: Scale-free behavior and universality in random fragmentation and aggregation
2004: Unified perspective on proteins: A physics approach
2007: Structural motifs of biomolecules


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