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Ballauff, Matthias

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Ballauff, M.


Abe, A.;   Abe, Akihiro;   Barrall, E.M.;   Berger, K.;   Bolze, J.;   Bolze, Jörg;   Breininger, E.;   Czeslik, C.;   Dingenouts, N.;   Dingenouts, Nico;   Dries, T.;   Dries, Th.;   Duran, R.;   Fischer, E.W.;   Flory, P.J.;   Fuhrmann, K.;   Furuya, H.;   Galda, P.;   Galda, Patrick;   Gratton, E.;   Hazlett, T.;   Hickl, Peter;   Hörth, M.;   Jansen, R.;   Kistner, D.;   Kistner, David;   Kugler, J.;   Lieser, G.;   Likos, C.N.;   Lindner, P.;   Löwen, H.;   Martin, Andreas;   März, K.;   Orendi, H.;   Pötschke, D.;   Pötschke, Dominic;   Rosenau-Eichin, R.;   Rosenfeldt, S.;   Royer, C.A.;   Schmidt, G.F.;   Schmidt, M.;   Stern, R.;   Steuer, M.;   Thürmer, A.;   Urban, G.;   Wegner, G.;   Wenzel, M.;   Wittemann, A.;   Wu, D.

Publication Titles

1984: Phase equilibria in liquid crystalline systems. Part I. Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of oligomers of the p-oxybenzoate series
1984: Phase equilibria in liquid crystalline systems. Part II. Theory and interpretation of experimental results
1985: Phase Equilibria in Liquid Crystalline Systems: The Calculation of the Transition Temperatures and Phase Diagrams of Nematogenic Liquid Crystals Using the Flory Theory
1986: Calculation of nematic-isotropic phase equilibria in solutions of polymers in nematic liquid crystals using the Flory lattice model´
1986: Phase Equilibria in Mixtures of Stiff and Flexible Polymers
1986: Phase diagrams of mixtures of liquid crystals and polymers: nematic-isotropic phase equilibria versus liquid-liquid demixing
1986: Phase equilibria in mixtures of thermotropic liquid crystals and flexible polymers
1986: Phase equilibria in rodlike systems with flexible side chains
1986: Rigid rod polymers having flexible side chains. 1. Thermotropic poly(1,4-phenylene 2,5-dialkoxyterephthalate)s
1987: Compatibility of coils and rods bearing flexible side chains
1987: Rigid Rod Polymers with Flexible Side Chains: A New Class of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
1987: Rigid rod polymers having flexible side chains. 3. Structural investigations on a novel layered mesophase formed by thermotropic poly(1,4-phenylene-2,5-dialkoxyterephthalate)s
1987: Rigid rod polymers with flexible side chains. 2. Observation of a novel type of layered mesophase
1987: The influence of lateral substituents on the phase behavior of nematogenic liquid crystals
1988: Levels of order in stiff-chain polymers
1988: Liquid-crystalline polymers
1988: Rigid rod polymers with flexible side chains. 5. Structure and phase behavior of thermotropic poly(2-n-alkyl-1,4-phenylene terephthalates)
1988: Rigid-rod polymers with flexible side-chains. 6. Ordered phases from solid solutions of two-component blends as investigated by wide-angle x-ray scattering
1989: Complete phase diagrams of mixtures of a nematic liquid crystal with n-alkanes
1989: Construction of a High-Temperature Squid Magnetometer
1989: Synthesis and phase behavior of liquid-crystalline poly(3-n-alkyl-4-hydroxybenzoates)
1989: The Flory Lattice Model of Nematic Fluids
1990: Conformation of Liquid-Crystalline Main-Chain Polymers in Bulk and in Solution as Revealed by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
1990: Polymer blends containing liquid crystal polymers
1990: SQUID studies of .alpha.,.omega.-bis[(4,4'-cyanobiphenyl)oxy]alkanes and elucidation of the orientational order parameter
1991: Magnetic susceptibility and order parameter of nematic liquid crystals as determined by a high-temperature SQUID magnetometer
1991: Miscibility of Nematic Liquid Crystals with Flexible Polymers - Comparison of the Flory Theory with Experiments on Model Oligomers and Networks
1991: Rigid-rod polymers with flexible side chains. Synthesis, structure and phase behavior of poly(3-n-alkyl-4-oxybenzoates)
1991: SQUID studies of main-chain polymer liquid crystals and rotational isomeric state treatment of the data
1991: Swelling equilibria of polybutadiene networks in nematogenic solvents
1991: Swelling of isotropic networks in nematic solvents
1991: The Flory lattice model [of liquid-crystalline ordering of polymers]
1992: Analysis of the phase diagrams of mixtures of a nematic liquid with n-alkanes
1992: Kinetics of orientation of a side-chain liquid - crystal polymer as measured by a high-temperature SQUID-magnetometer
1992: Stiff-chain polymers. Structure and properties
1993: Characterization and Analysis of the Phase Behaviour of Stiff-Chain Polyesters with Flexible Side Chains
1993: Characterization and analysis of the phase behavior of poly(1,4-phenylene 2,5-di-n-alkoxyterephthalates)
1993: Conformation and shape of rigid-rod polyesters substituted with flexible side chains as revealed by small-angle neutron scattering
1993: Rigid rod polymers with flexible side chains. X. Thermotropic mesophases from aromatic stiff-chain polyamides bearing n-alkoxy side chains
1993: Structure of liquid-crystalline polymers
1993: Thermodynamics and phase behavior of liquid crystalline main-chain polymers
1996: Small-angle X-ray scattering on latexes
2001: Soft Interaction between Dissolved Flexible Dendrimers: Theory and Experiment
2004: Interaction of proteins with spherical polyelectrolyte brushes in solution as studied by small-angle x-ray scattering
2004: Mechanism of protein binding to spherical polyelectrolyte brushes studied in situ using two-photon excitation fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy


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