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Balevicius, V.

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Balevicius, Vytautas


Kimtys, L.;   Marsalka, A.;   Marsalkan, A.;   Misiunas, G.;   Petraitis, J.;   Sablinskas, V.;   Verseckas, A.

Publication Titles

1987: Phase transitions in liquid-crystal derivates of benzoic acid studied by proton NMR spectroscopy
1988: Anisotropy of magnetic shielding tensor in nematic liquid crystals
1988: Disorder in molecular crystals studied by low-frequency Raman spectroscopy
1988: High resolution proton NMR studies of hydrogen bonding in liquid crystals
1989: Damping of low frequency Raman modes of pivalic acid during the liquid-plastic crystal phase transition
1990: Disordered phases of carboxylic acids deduced from the Raman band-shape analysis
1990: Liquid-like motion of molecules in the solid phases of organic crystals as studied by Raman and NMR spectroscopy


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