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Baldwin, Stephen A.

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Baldwin, S.A.


Appleford, Peter J.;   Baldwin, Jocelyn;   Cass, Carol E.;   Chomey, Eugene G.;   Coates, David;   Graham, Kathryn;   Griffiths, Mark;   Henderson, Peter J.F.;   Hope, Ian A.;   Hyde, Ralph J.;   Isaac, R. Elwyn;   Karpinski, Edward;   Loewen, Shaun K.;   Middleton, David A.;   Ng, Amy M.L.;   Patching, Simon G.;   Psakis, Georgios;   Ritzel, Mabel W.L.;   Smith, Kyla M.;   Yao, Sylvia Y.M.;   Young, James D.

Publication Titles

2001: Recent molecular advances in studies of the concentrative Na+-dependent nucleoside transporter (CNT) family: identification and characterization of novel human and mouse proteins (hCNT3 and mCNT3) broadly selective for purine and pyrimidine nucleosides (system cib)
2004: Functional redundancy of two nucleoside transporters of the ENT family (CeENT1, CeENT2) required for development of Caenorhabditis elegans
2008: Relative substrate affinities of wild-type and mutant forms of the Escherichia coli sugar transporter GalP determined by solid-state NMR

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