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Balazs, Anna C.

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Balazs, A.C.


Buxton, Gavin A.;   Ginzburg, Valeriy V.;   Jasnow, David;   Kuksenok, Olga;   Lee, Jae Youn;   Matsen, Mark W.;   Singh, Chandralekha;   Thompson, Russell B.

Publication Titles

1999: Calculating Phase Diagrams of Polymer-Platelet Mixtures Using Density Functional Theory: Implications for Polymer/Clay Composites
2000: Theoretical Phase Diagrams of Polymer/Clay Composites: The Role of Grafted Organic Modifiers
2002: Binary hard sphere mixtures in block copolymer melts
2002: Block Copolymer-Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles: Forming Mesoscopically Ordered Hybrid Materials
2002: Effect of Nanoscopic Particles on the Mesophase Structure of Diblock Copolymers
2003: Diffusive intertwining of two fluid phases in chemically patterned microchannels
2003: Simulating the dynamic behavior of immiscible binary fluids in three-dimensional chemically patterned microchannels
2003: Simulating the morphology and mechanical properties of filled diblock copolymers


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