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Balagurusamy, Venkatachalapathy S.K.

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Balagurusamy, V.S.K.


Aqad, Emad;   Bera, Tusha K.;   Bera, Tushar K.;   Cho, Wook-Dong;   Dukeson, Daniel R.;   Edlund, Ulrica;   Ewbank, Paul C.;   Fu, Qiongying;   Glodde, Martin;   Graf, Robert;   Heiney, Paul A.;   Holerca, Marian N.;   Imam, Mohammad R.;   Johansson, Gary;   Johansson, Gary A.;   Liu, Yongsong;   Mitchell, Catherine M.;   Miura, Yoshiko;   Morrison, John J.;   Nummelin, Sami;   Percec, Virgil;   Peterca, Mihai;   Rapp, Almut;   Rosen, Brad M.;   Schnell, Ingo;   Sienkowska, Monika J.;   Smidrkal, Jan;   Spiess, Hans W.;   Uchida, Satoshi;   Ungar, Goran;   Wilson, Daniela A.;   Würthner, Frank;   Zeng, Xiang-Bing

Publication Titles

2003: Application of Isomorphous Replacement in the Structure Determination of a Cubic Liquid Crystal Phase and Location of Counterions
2003: Hierarchical self-assembly, co-assembly, and self-organization of novel liquid crystalline lattices and superlattices from a twin-tapered dendritic benzamide and its four-cylinder-bundle supramolecular polymer
2003: Transformation of a spherical supramolecular dendrimer into a pyramidal columnar supramolecular dendrimer mediated by the fluorophobic effect
2004: Designing Libraries of First Generation AB3 and AB2 Self-Assembling Dendrons via the Primary Structure Generated from Combinations of (AB)y-AB3 and (AB)y-AB2 Building Blocks
2005: Self-assembly of semifluorinated janus-dendritic benzamides into bilayered pyramidal columns
2006: Exploring and expanding the structural diversity of self-assembling dendrons through combinations of AB, constitutional isomeric AB2, and AB3 biphenyl-4-methyl ether building blocks
2006: Self-assembly of semifluorinated dendrons attached to electron-donor groups mediates their .pi.-stacking via a helical pyramidal column
2007: Self-assembly of semifluorinated minidendrons attached to electron-acceptor groups into pyramidal columns
2009: Dendronized supramolecular polymers self-assembled from dendritic ionic liquids
2009: Self-Assembly of Dendronized Triphenylenes into Helical Pyramidal Columns and Chiral Spheres


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