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Bak, C.S.

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Baek, C.S.;   Bak, Chan S.


Au, A.;   Byles, W.;   Chu, B.;   Efron, U.;   Garvin, H.L.;   Goodwin, N.W.;   Ko, K.;   Labes, Mortimer M.;   Lee, H.;   Lin, F.L.;   Owechko, Y.;   Park, J.-W.;   Reif, P.G.;   Welkowsky, M.S.;   Yu, L.-J.

Publication Titles

1972: Coherence length in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal. N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-butylaniline
1972: Coherence length in the isotropic phase of a room-temperature nematic liquid crystal
1975: Analysis of pitch-concentration dependences in some binary and ternary liquid crystal mixtures
1975: Effects of molecular complexing on the properties of binary nematic liquid crystal mixtures
1975: Fast decay in a twisted nematic induced by frequency switching
1975: Pitch-concentration relations in multicomponent liquid crystal mixtures
1976: Observation of pyroelectricity in chiral smectic-C and -H liquid crystals
1990: A submicron metal grid mirror liquid crystal light valve for optical processing applications


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