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Bai, F.


Calhoun, Bret H.;   Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Chien, Liang-Chy;   Ge, Jason;   Ge, Jason J.;   Harris, Frank W.;   He, Tianbai;   Jin, Shi;   Keith, H. Douglas;   Li, Chistopher Y.;   Li, Christopher Y.;   Li, Yuren;   Lotz, Bernard;   Mann, Ian K.;   Petschek, R.G.;   Petschek, Rolfe;   Weng, Xin;   Yan, Donghang;   Zhang, Dong;   Zhang, John Z.;   Zhang, Zhanhui

Publication Titles

1995: Design and regioselective synthesis of chiral liquid-crystalline polyesters
1999: Double Twist in Helical Polymer "Soft" Crystals
1999: Double-Twisted Helical Lamellar Crystals in a Synthetic Main-Chain Chiral Polyester Similar to Biological Polymers
1999: Helical single lamellar crystals thermotropically formed in a synthetic isochiral main-chain polyester
1999: Helical single-lamellar crystals thermotropically formed in a synthetic nonracemic chiral main-chain polyester
1999: Synthesis and Characterization of Isoregic Chiral Smectic Polyesters
1999: Synthesis and characterization of optically active, main-chain, liquid crystalline polyesters
1999: Synthesis of a biphenyl-containing, achiral, V-shaped liquid crystalline polyester
2000: Molecular Orientations in Flat-Elongated and Helical Lamellar Crystals of a Main-Chain Nonracemic Chiral Polyester
2001: Early-Stage Formation of Helical Single Crystals and Their Confined Growth in Thin Film
2001: Left or Right, It Is a Matter of One Methylene Unit
2002: Helical Twist Senses, Liquid Crystalline Behavior, Crystal Microtwins, and Rotation Twins in a Polyester Containing Main-Chain Molecular Asymmetry and Effects of the Number of Methylene Units in the Backbones on the Phase Structures and Morphologies of Its Homologues
2002: Liquid Crystalline Phases, Microtwinning in Crystals and Helical Chirality Transformations in a Main-Chain Chiral Liquid Crystalline Polyester


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