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Baisa, D.F.


Chesnokov, E.D.;   Gavrilko, T.A.;   Ovcharenko, A.I.;   Panchenko, V.F.;   Puchkovskaya, G.A.;   Trofimov, A.S.

Publication Titles

1978: Molecular dynamics in a liquid crystal near the nematic-isotropic liquid phase transition
1979: Spectroscopic and dielectric studies of phase transitions and dynamics of cetyl iodide molecules in condensed state
1980: Proton spin-lattice relaxation in cholesteric liquid crystals
1981: Magnetohydrodynamic effect and orientation mobility of nematic liquid crystals
1985: Low-frequency relaxation anomaly in the nematic phase of heptyloxybenzoic acid
1985: Pre-transition fluctuations of local order in an isotropic liquid-crystal phase


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