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Bailey, R.T.


Bourhill, G.H.;   Cruickshank, F.R.;   Guthrie, S.M.G.;   McArdle, B.J.;   McCulloch, I.A.;   Morrison, H.;   Pugh, D.;   Shepherd, E.;   Shepherd, E.E.A.;   Sherwood, J.N.;   Simpson, G.S.;   Yoon, C.S.

Publication Titles

1989: Second Order Optical Non-Linearity and Phase Matching in 4-Nitro-4'-Methyl benzylidene Aniline (NMBA)
1989: Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline nonlinear polymers
1991: An optical characterization of the organic nonlinear crystal 4-nitro-4'-methylbenzylideneaniline (NMBA)
1991: Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline polymers for nonlinear optical applications

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