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Baik, Hong-Koo

Alternative Writings

Baik, H.K.;   Baik, Hongkoo

Similar Names

Baik, H.-K.


Ahn, Han-Jin;   Chae, Soo Sang;   Choi, Chu Ji;   Choi, Seong-Wook;   Chung, Suk-Ho;   Hwang, Byoung Har;   Hwang, Jeong-Yeon;   Hwang, Jeoung-Yeon;   Hyun, Dong Choon;   Jeong, Youn-Hak;   Jo, Min Kyoung;   Jo, Sung Jin;   Jo, Yong-Min;   Kang, Dae-Seung;   Kang, Hyo;   Kang, Hyung-Ku;   Kim, Chang-Su;   Kim, Jong Tae;   Kim, Jong-Bok;   Kim, Kyung-Chan;   Kim, Mihee;   Kim, Youn Sang;   Kim, Young-Hwan;   Kim, Young-Joo;   Koo, Won Hoe;   Lee, Dae Kyu;   Lee, Day-kyu;   Lee, Jong-Chan;   Lee, Min Jung;   Lee, Se Jong;   Lim, Ju Ri;   Park, Chang-Joon;   Park, Jin Seol;   Rho, Soon-Joon;   Seo, Dae-Shik;   Song, Kie Moon

Publication Titles

2002: Electro-Optical Characteristics of the Ion-Beam-Aligned Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display on a Diamond-Like-Carbon Thin Film Surface
2002: Investigation of the alignment phenomena using a-C:H thin films for liquid crystal alignment materials
2002: Liquid Crystal Alignment Capabilities on a New Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Film Layer
2002: Study on Liquid Crystal Alignment Characteristics by the Surface Treatment of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Thin Films
2004: Liquid Crystal Alignment Effects Using a-C:H Thin Films Deposited at RF Bias Condition
2004: Postgrowth Irradiation of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon thin Films by Low-Energy Ion Beam
2005: A Study on Electro-Optical Characteristics of the Ion Beam Aligned Fringe-Field Switching (FFS) Cell on the Inorganic Thin Film
2005: Ion-Beam Induced Liquid Crystal Alignment on Diamond-like Carbon and Fluorinated Diamond-like Carbon Thin Films
2005: Liquid Crystal Alignment Effects and Electro Optical Performances of Twisted Nematic-Liquid Crystal Display Using Ion-Beam Alignment Method on Nitrogen-doped Diamond Like Carbon Thin Film Layer
2005: Liquid Crystal Alignment Effects using a SiO Thin Film
2005: Novel Alignment Mechanism of Liquid Crystal on a Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Oxide
2005: The Alignment Effect of Nematic Liquid Crystal on NDLC Thin Films Surface
2006: Liquid Crystal Lens for Compensation of Spherical Aberration in Multilayer Optical Data Storage
2007: Appropriate Hydrogen-Incorporated Diamond-Like Carbon Film for Application to Liquid Crystal Display
2007: Liquid crystal pretilt angle control using adjustable wetting properties of alignment layers
2007: No bias pi cell using a dual alignment layer with an intermediate pretilt angle
2007: Pretilt angle control of carbon incorporated amorphous silicon oxide treated by ion beam irradiation
2007: Variable liquid crystal pretilt angles on various compositions of alignment layers
2008: Alignment Properties of Liquid Crystal Molecules with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy on Hydrogenated Silicon Carbide Films
2008: Orientational Transition of Liquid Crystal Molecules by a Photoinduced Transformation Process into a Recovery-free Silicon Oxide Layer
2008: The Directional Peeling Effect of Nanostructured Rigiflex Molds on Liquid-Crystal Devices: Liquid-Crystal Alignment and Optical Properties
2009: Vertical Alignment of Liquid Crystals with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy on an Inorganic Thin Film with a Hydrophilic Surface
2010: Ion beam induced liquid crystal alignment properties of 4-alkylphenoxymethyl-substituted polystyrenes


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