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Bahar, I.

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Bahar, Ivet


Anbar, T.;   Apostolov, A.A.;   Boz, B.;   Erman, B.;   Evstatiev, M.;   Fakirov, S.;   Kloczkowski, A.;   Mark, J.E.;   Sarac, Z.;   Yang, Y.;   Yang, Yong

Publication Titles

1990: A lattice model for segmental orientation in deformed polymeric networks. 2. Effect of chain stiffness and thermotropic interactions
1992: Isotropic-nematic phase transitions in polymer networks deformed in the dry and swollen states
1992: Novel orientation techniques for the preparation of high-performance materials from semi-flexible polymers such as the cellulosics
1993: Elastic and optical properties of deformed swollen networks of semi-rigid chains
1993: Orientation and strain-induced liquid-crystalline phase transition of networks of semi-rigid chains
1994: A novel orientation technique for semi-rigid polymers. 1. Preparation of crosslinked cellulose acetate and hydroxypropyl cellulose films having permanent anisotropy in the swollen state
1995: Experimental Studies of Elastomeric and Optical Properties, and Strain-Induced Liquid-Crystalline Phase Transitions, in Deformed (Hydroxypropyl)cellulose Networks in the Swollen State
1995: Theoretical Analysis of the Elastomeric and Optical Properties of Networks of Semirigid Chains in the Swollen State
1997: Mechanical properties and transition temperatures of crosslinked-oriented gelatin. Part 2. Effect of orientation and water content on transition temperatures


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