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Baglioni, Piero

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Baglioni, P.


Alatas, Ahmed;   Alatas, Ahmet;   Aloisi, Giovanni;   Alp, Ercan;   Ambrosi, Moira;   Berti, Debora;   Bombelli, Francesca Baldelli;   Capuzzi, Giulia;   Chen, Sow-Hsin;   Chen, Wei-Ren;   Faraone, Antonio;   Larsson, Kåre;   Liu, Yun;   Lo Nostro, Pierandrea;   Milani, Silvia;   Neto, Chiara;   Ninham, Barry W.;   Nostro, Pierandrea Lo;   Said, Ayman;   Scalise, Luca;   Sheu, Eric Y.;   Sinn, Harald

Publication Titles

1999: Imaging Soft Matter with the Atomic Force Microscope: Cubosomes and Hexosomes
1999: Micelle and Microemulsion Properties of Cesium Di-Dodecyl-Dimethylsulfosuccinate (sic), Cs-AOT
2004: Inelastic X-ray scattering studies of phonons in liquid crystalline DNA
2005: Inelastic X-ray scattering studies of phonons propagating along the axial direction of a DNA molecule having different counter-ion atmosphere
2005: Phase Separation in Binary Mixtures Containing Linear Perfluoroalkanes
2007: Nucleolipoplexes: A New Paradigm for Phospholipid Bilayer-Nucleic Acid Interactions
2009: Effect of Headgroup Chirality in Nanoassemblies. 2. Thermal Behavior of Vitamin C-Based Surfactants


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