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Bagheri, Massoumeh

Alternative Writings

Bagheri, M.


Alizadeh, Zahra;   Didehban, Khadije;   Entezami, Ali Akbar;   Rad, Reza Zahedi

Publication Titles

2004: Thermotropic polyesters (part 3): synthesis, characterization and thermal transition of random copolyesters containing terephthalate and isophthalate units
2006: Novel poly(N-substituted urethane): 1. synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline polyurethanes pendant with biphenyl mesogenic unit
2006: Synthesis and characterization of main chain liquid crystalline polyesters containing 2,5-Bis(4-hexyloxybenzoyloxy)hydroquinone and terephthalate units

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