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Bagdasaryan, Z.V.

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Baghdasaryan, Z.V.


Abramyan, E.B.;   Bezhanova, L.S.;   Sarkissyan, A.Ts.;   Sarkisyan, A.Ts.;   Vardanyan, K.K.;   Vartanyan, K.K.;   Yailoyan, S.M.

Publication Titles

1999: Determination of the order parameter and coefficient of viscosity in some mixtures of strongly and weakly polar nematic liquid crystals
1999: Investigation of phase transitions in some liquid crystal systems of smectic matrixes with chiral additives
1999: Relation of the spontaneous polarization induced by chiral additives in smectic liquid crystals to the concentration and molecular structure of components
1999: Relationship between the structure and thermal properties of 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
1999: Study of the kinetics of phase transitions and the domain pattern in some ferroelectric binary systems


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