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Bagchi, Biman

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Bagchi, B.


Balasubramanian, Sundaram;   Bhattacharyya, Kankan;   Brace, David D.;   Cang, Hu;   Chakrabarti, Dwaipayan;   Chakrabarty, Suman;   Fayer, M.D.;   Gottke, S.D.;   Jana, Biman;   Jose, Prasanth P.;   Murarka, Rajesh K.;   Nandi, Nilashis;   Pal, Subrata;   Thirumalai, D.

Publication Titles

1985: Self-diffusion across the liquid-crystal interface
1986: Dynamic structure factor across the liquid-solid interface: appearance of a delta-function elastic peak
1988: Freezing of a colloidal liquid subject to shear flow
2000: Dielectric Relaxation and Solvation Dynamics of Water in Complex Chemical and Biological Systems
2002: Liquid crystal dynamics in the isotropic phase
2003: Diffusion and viscosity in a supercooled polydisperse system
2003: Dynamics of bound and free water in an aqueous micellar solution: Analysis of the lifetime and vibrational frequencies of hydrogen bonds at a complex interface
2003: Pair dynamics in a glass-forming binary mixture: Simulations and theory
2005: Universal Power Law in the Orientational Relaxation in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
2006: Energy landscape view of phase transitions and slow dynamics in thermotropic liquid crystals
2006: Multiple short time power laws in the orientational relaxation of nematic liquid crystals
2007: Comparative study of temperature dependent orientational relaxation in a model thermotropic liquid crystal and in a model supercooled liquid
2007: Glassiness of Thermotropic Liquid Crystals across the Isotropic-Nematic Transition
2007: Orientational dynamics and energy landscape features of thermotropic liquid crystals : an analogy with supercooled liquids
2009: Dynamics of thermotropic liquid crystals across the isotropic-nematic transition and their similarity with glassy relaxation in supercooled liquids


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