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Bässler, Heinz

Alternative Writings

Baessler, Heinz;   Bassler, Heinz;   Bässler, H.


Arkhipov, V.I.;   Beard, R.B.;   Blonsky, I.;   Borsenberger, Paul M.;   Heremans, P.;   Hertel, Dirk;   Kadashchuk, A.;   Kettner, Andreas;   Kopitzke, Jörg;   Labes, Mortimer M.;   Laronge, Thomas M.;   Malya, P.A.G.;   Nes, W.R.;   Nespuringrek, S.;   Ochse, A.A.;   Ochse, Andreas;   Teucher, Ilan;   Wendorff, Joachim H.;   de Schryver, Frans C.;   van der Auweraer, Mark

Publication Titles

1968: Relationship Between Electric Field Strength and Helix Pitch in Induced Cholesteric-Nematic Phase Transitions
1969: Alternating-current-field induced cholesteric-nematic phase transitions
1969: Electric field effects on the dielectric properties and molecular arrangements of cholesteric liquid crystals
1969: Electric field effects on the optical rotatory power of a compensated cholesteric liquid crystal
1969: Magnetic-field effects on a compensated cholesteric liquid crystal
1970: Absence of helical inversion in single component cholesteric liquid crystals
1970: Determination of the pitch of a cholesteric liquid crystal by infrared transmission measurements
1970: Dipole relaxation in a liquid crystal
1970: Helical twisting power of steroidal solutes in cholesteric mesophases
1971: Diffusion through nematic liquid crystals
1971: Liquid crystals
1994: Disorder in Charge Transport in doped polymers
1999: Recent advances in charge transport in random organic solids: the case of conjugated polymers and discotic liquid crystals
1999: Transient photoconduction in discotic liquid crystals
2007: Localized Trions as Metastable Charged States in Conjugated Polymers


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