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Baer, E.

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Baer, Eric;   Baer, Erich;   Bauer, E.


Bensason, S.;   Capaccio, G.;   Chang, A.;   Chen, H.;   Chen, H.Y.;   Chum, S.;   Chum, S.P.;   Collard, D.M.;   Flandin, L.;   Galeski, A.;   Guest, M.;   Guest, M.I.;   Guest, M.J.;   Hibbs, M.R.;   Hiltner, A.;   Hu, Y.-S.;   Ihm, D.W.;   Jarus, D.;   Jin, Y.;   Li, J.X.;   Liu, R.Y.F.;   Magonov, S.N.;   Masirek, R.;   Minick, J.;   Moet, A.;   Nazarenko, S.;   Nowacki, R.;   Piorkowska, E.;   Poon, B.;   Qureshi, N.Z.;   Rogunova, M.;   Schiraldi, D.A.;   Schuman, T.;   Silverstein, M.S.;   Stepanov, E.V.;   Stephens, C.H.;   Weng, T.

Publication Titles

1986: Hierarchical structure in a thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester
1989: Failure processes in fiber-reinforced liquid-crystalline polyester composites
1990: Damage analysis in reinforced LCP [liquid-crystalline polyester] composites by acoustic emission location techniques
1990: Microfiber systems: a review
1991: Hierarchical structure in liquid crystal polymer (LCP)/PET blends
1992: Morphology and mechanical properties of fibers from blends of liquid-crystalline polymer and poly(ethylene terephthalate)
1996: Classification of homogeneous ethylene-octene copolymers based on comonomer content
1998: Classification of ethylene-styrene interpolymers based on comonomer content
1998: Comparison of ethylene-styrene interpolymers and ethylene-octene copolymers
1998: Interdiffusion of Linear and Branched Polyethylene in Microlayers Studied via Melting Behavior
1999: Relationship of hierarchical structure to mechanical properties
1999: Solid state structure and melting behavior of interdiffused polyethylenes in microlayers
2000: Effect of strain on the properties of an ethylene-octene elastomer with conductive carbon fillers
2001: Phase Behavior of Partially Miscible Ethylene-Styrene Copolymer Blends
2001: Self-Adhesion of Polyethylene in the Melt. 2. Comparison of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Copolymers
2003: Comparison of statistical and blocky copolymers of ethylene terephthalate and ethylene 4,4'-bibenzoate based on thermal behavior and oxygen transport properties
2003: Phase Behavior of Partially Miscible Blends of Linear and Branched Polyethylenes
2003: Structural Model for Oxygen Permeability of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer
2004: Classification of homogeneous copolymers of propylene and 1-octene based on comonomer content
2004: Oxygen Barrier Properties of Copolyesters Containing a Mesogenic Monomer
2004: Solid-State Structure of Copolyesters Containing a Mesogenic Monomer
2004: Structure of polypropylene crystallized in confined nanolayers
2006: Formation and transformation of smectic polypropylene nanodroplets
2007: Fractionated crystallization of polypropylene droplets produced by nanolayer breakup


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