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Baek, Jong-In

Alternative Writings

Baek, J.-I.;   Baek, J.I.


Kim, Jae-Chang;   Kim, Ki-Han;   Kwon, Yong-Hoan;   Lee, Seong Ryong;   Oh, Min-Cheol;   Shin, Jong-Ha;   Yoon, Tae-Hoon

Publication Titles

2006: Pixel-isolation walls of liquid crystal display formed by fluorinated UV-curable polymers
2007: Dual-mode switching of a liquid crystal panel for viewing angle control
2007: Initially pi-twisted nematic liquid crystal cell stabilized by a fluorinated polymer wall
2008: Viewing Angle Control of a Fringe-Field Switching Cell by Electrical Tilting of Liquid Crystal
2009: Optical Design of a Normally-Black Twisted-Nematic Liquid Crystal Mode with Achromatic Dark State
2009: Viewing Angle Control of a Hybrid-Aligned Liquid Crystal Display
2010: Omni-directional viewing-angle switching through control of the beam divergence angle in a liquid crystal panel
2010: Polymer-networked liquid crystal cell for omni-directional viewing-angle switching


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