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Badalyan, N.N.


Aslanyan, L.S.;   Avetisyan, V.M.;   Bagdasaryan, A.E.;   Chilingaryan, Yu.S.;   Khurshudyan, M.A.;   Papyan, O.S.;   Petrosyan, A.A.;   Petrosyan, M.Sh.

Publication Titles

1979: Raman spectroscopic study of nonlinear optical susceptibility of liquid crystals
1982: Determination of cubic optical susceptibilities of liquid crystals using coherent four-photon spectroscopy
1983: Coherent polarization spectroscopy of the Raman scattering of light in liquid crystals
1983: Determination of higher moments of the distribution function and molecular parameters of nematic liquid crystals by active Raman spectroscopy
1985: Temperature dependence of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility of the nematic liquid crystal MBBA
1987: Nonlinear thermal reflection of light in a nematic liquid crystal


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