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Badaev, N.S.


Chel'tsov, P.A.;   Damaschun, H.;   Dembo, A.T.;   Evdokimov, Yu.M.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Lortkipanidze, G.B.;   Nasedkina, T.V.;   Rybin, V.K.;   Salyanov, V.I.;   Shtykova, E.V.;   Skuridin, S.G.

Publication Titles

1986: Evidence of the formation of two types of liquid-crystal microphases in low-molecular-weight DNA molecules in water-salt solutions containing poly(ethylene glycol)
1987: Regulation of spatial organization of DNA liquid crystals by compounds of the anthracycline and anthraquinone groups
1987: Two types of thermal transitions of liquid crystals formed from poly(I).poly(C) molecules
1988: DNA liquid crystals as a potential system for testing the interaction of platinum(II) biologically active compounds and certain antibiotics with DNA
1988: Formation of ordered optically isotropic liquid crystalline phase of low-molecular-weight DNA with cis-dichlorodiammine-platinum(II)
1990: Change in the structural organization of DNA liquid crystals in the presence of natural compounds
1995: Liquid crystals and liquid-crystalline dispersions of DNA.daunomycin complexes
1996: Transition of "genome-size" DNA from the isotropic to the liquid-crystal state


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